A Note From Will Turner...

As an endurance athlete, entrepreneur and coach; I love pushing limits and helping others do the same. I've been called "crazy," more times than I can recall. And that's ok with me. I believe it's the "crazy ones" who can and do change the world. As I embark on a world record-breaking feat (my 60 @ 60 Challenge...60 Ironman/Full Distance Triathlons in 2018, the year I turn 60 - you can learn more about my 60 @ 60 Challenge by clicking the ABOUT tab), I wanted a way to give back. I also wanted to create a community that would support and inspire others to step out of their own comfort zones, stretch, grow and do amazing things. Are you ready to step into your boldness and make a difference? If so, please join me and LIVE YOUR BOLD!

The Movement…

Our goal is to unite all the crazy dreamers, the wild-idea generators and the misfits who have been told what they want to do cannot be done. We want to give a voice and community to those who want to live a bolder life and who want to use their boldness to make a difference. And we want to inspire those who yearn for something more to step into their boldness.
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The Mindset….

Are you ready to embrace your boldness? Perhaps you are already there. If so, we want to celebrate your path. Or maybe, you just need a nudge to push you to fully realize your dream. Or perhaps, you need a bit more to overcome what's holding you back or to more clearly see and chart your path and purpose.

We each have our own story and our own struggles to overcome. We have to deal with our own shackles. Sometimes we put them on ourselves. Other times, people put them on us. Either way, our power and courage can remove them and free us for a life of possibility beyond what we have been able to imagine or realize in the past. We are hear to encourage, support and guide you so you can overcome your own doubts and fears and own your unique gifts and purpose.


Live Your Bold is a movement. Live Your Bold is a mindset. Live Your Bold is a process to reclaim yourself and your inner spark to dare and do more.

Join Us  And Be Part Of The Movement...

Maybe this is the year you want to run your first 5K or ultra-marathon. Or maybe you want to do a triathlon. Perhaps, your BOLD ideas and dreams aren't related to a specific fitness goal. The reality is that we become more alive and better versions of ourselves when we stretch who we are and what we're capable of.

Live Your Bold is about community. It's about helping each other be the best versions of ourselves. Live Your Bold is also about taking action. Sometimes, we can get stuck and fail to move forward, even when we know it's what we want. Taking action starts with one BOLD step. At this point, that first step is making a commitment. A commitment to yourself. Nothing more. A commitment that you are going to stretch and grow and not hold yourself back. The time is now. Are you ready? Sign up below and we'll help you jumpstart your journey with a free LIVE YOUR BOLD STARTER KIT.

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