Do you want to INSPIRE your group and give them tools to ACHIEVE more?

An enthusiastic speaker, Will Turner will delight and engage your group. More importantly, he will share valuable lessons and tools designed to break down barriers, improve performance and energize your folks. Will is available to do customized workshops and presentations for corporate sponsors, schools, non-profits and other community and business groups.

Speaking Events

Will has been motivating groups and providing valuable business and life lessons to audiences for over two decades. As a sought-after expert, Will has a host of topics that are can be customized to inspire and inform your team.

Will’s upbeat and engaging presentations are great for all groups and ages… from school kids to business execs and sales teams.



"Thank you so much for your time Will. I thought your speech was excellent, and I could tell the kids were really into what you were saying and had a lot of fun. Thanks for the cool bracelets you shared with us as well."

       - Coach Jason Faulkner

Tuckahoe YMCA Cross Country Team (8-14 year olds)

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School Programs

Want to bring Will to your school? Whether it’s a school assembly or a more informal chat with the track team or other group, Will can bring his message of potential, perseverance and perspiration to your school.

This is what one high school track team coach said about Will’s recent visit:

“Thank YOU so much for sharing your story and wisdom with us. It was inspirational and accessible because you were right there, tangible and relateable, for all of us to see, and your message was clear and simple (but not easy!). It is applicable to so many facets of their lives at this age especially, as they navigate discovering who they are, where their passions lie, what is worth striving for and what is less important.

I personally took so much away for my own life as a parent, wife, athlete, coach, administrator. You have a way about you that is captivating and every girl was hanging on your every word (this does not happen with teenagers very often :)”