The Process

My career background includes over 20 years of optimal performance coaching and training for businesses and individuals all over the world. I understand adult learning models and how to create training and development programs that will get RESULTS.  I've created a's a four-step process to empower you to amplify the way you think, act and impact the world around you. But this is just a framework. A way to help. As we grow together, the resources and ideas grow exponentially because the community we create is stronger than any one of us alone.

In each step of the LIVE YOUR BOLD process, you will receive proven tools, resources and guidance to support your bold initiatives. Each of us brings unique gifts that are part of our purpose and journey; take what resonates for you and leave what you can to help others. We all win when we collectively embrace our gifts and set out to make a difference.

Here's an outline of our process that is part of our FREE Boldness Bootcamps:


Step 1: Let Your Boldness Breathe

The first step involves giving yourself space to open up to the possibilities. It’s a chance to let go of fear and uncertainty while embracing your dreams, aspirations and purpose. You'll learn ways to get unstuck and tap into your potential. You'll get on a path to develop your inner strength and create:

Unshakeable Confidence:

Let go of self-doubt and limiting beliefs so that you can move forward confidently with your purpose.

Unstoppable Motivation:

Tap into your inner drive and find the excitement to reach your dreams.

Unwavering Focus:

Learn how to keep distractions at bay and focus on the things that really matter. Stop worrying about productivity and start working on impact.

Unbeatable Optimism:

Don't let setbacks derail you; discover ways to stay positive and create an environment and lifestyle that supports you and your goals.


Step 2: Step Into Your Boldness

In this step, you’re able to define your intentions and purpose so that you can turn your dreams into reality. In this stage, you are building momentum and creating actionable plans for your own bold initiatives. You'll learn how to create or tweak your vision and look at your unique gifts to determine your path.


Step 3: Become A Boldness Badass

The theme of this step is The Power of E! You will take action to electrify, execute and expand your boldness goals.


Learn proven ways to build initial momentum or add some urgency to your efforts.


Discover sure-fire ways to stay on task and get the things done that matter.


Look at ways to build your community and make a bolder difference in the world.


Step 4: Live Your Bold

In this step, you are changing your world and impacting others. But the real transformation is within. You'll learn ways to shift the way you live and work, so you are able to do so with purpose and intention.