Values & Exposure

Do you believe in the power of the human spirit? Does your brand align with rejecting the status quo, pushing limits and living boldly? If so, check us out.

The goal is to reach as many people as possible to support them on their journey to live their BOLD. Between Will's 60@60 and the Live Your Bold bootcamps, workshops and presentations, the possibilities are huge.

Unique Value For Key Sponsors

Let's discuss opportunities where I can use my skills to grow your business. Want to drive sales results or increase productivity? From world-class sales and mentoring programs to motivational and productivity workshops, there are lots of ways we can partner together.

For the past 20+ years, I've traveled the world working with teams to improve performance. I have extensive experience in delivering programs on sales, productivity, communication, leadership, mental toughness and goal achievement. With your sponsorship, we could customize training programs for your team, as well as for your key partners, vendors or customers.

In addition to my business expertise, I've been a USAT certified coach for over 5 years and am an ultra endurance athlete specializing in mental toughness and motivation. In a previous life, I also worked for a health and wellness company that brought workforce solutions to employee groups to build stronger teams, improve health, lower absenteeism and create a more vibrant work culture.

Key Sponsor Opportunities: These sponsorships start at just $2,500 and go to $25,000+ and are customized to what works for both of us. Let's have a conversation and discuss.

Contact us to discuss.


More Opportunities:

There are countless other opportunities to explore together. It doesn't take a big financial investment, just a commitment to work together. From In-Kind Services and product/brand endorsement to special programs, joint marketing and PR. My goal with any partnership is to make sure your expectations are met and exceeded. Let's discuss possibilities and explore mutual interest. Contact me.

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Training ProgramS –

Want to get your team more focused, more motivated or more productive? Or perhaps you see value in building a healthier workforce and would like some group fitness coaching or guidance. With a couple of decades of experience in optimal performance coaching and consulting, there are lots of options to fit your organizations' challenges. Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Fool-Proof Goal Achievement & Motivation
  • How To Become A Productivity Ninja
  • Selling To The Different Generations
  • Creating A World-Class Mentoring & Growth Culture

Webinars and live workshops are available and can be customized for your team. Packages start at $750. More advanced training programs are also available.


Sponsor ONE RACE/EVEnt –

With each race/event, your help can make a huge difference. And so we’ve created an easy way for you to support the cause. With a $1,406 donation, you can sponsor one race/event on this journey. Your support will allow us to…

Besides the feel-good tingle that will most assuredly rush through your body you support the Live Your Bold Movement, you’ll also receive:

  • Social media exposure for the race/event
  • Recognition with volunteers and Live Your Bold participants
  • Free Live Your Bold webinar tailored to your team