Boldness Ambassadors:

As a Boldness Ambassador, you are part of the inner circle of the Live Your Bold movement. As a Boldness Ambassador, you will commit to living your best you and you'll get lots of support and resources to help you make important Boldness Breakthroughs in your own life. At the same time, you'll be supporting the Live Your Bold movement so that we can reach more people and make a bigger impact in the world. Some of the exclusive benefits you'll receive include:

  • Live Your Bold Jump-Starter Kit
  • Weekly Live Your Bold Updates
  • Boldness Breakthrough Accelerators*
  • Boldness Mentor Group Participation*
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls*

* Upgraded status and services for those who want to accelerate their BOLDNESS journey.

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Join The Live Your Bold Team... & Race or Just Train

Are you a triathlete? Or a distance runner? Do you want to up your game and be part of the Live Your Bold Team? You can even form your very own Live Your Bold Corporate or Group Team (with 3 or more members) or participate as part of a relay team with other Live Your Bold team members. As part of the team, you'll get these great benefits:

  • Customized training program for your training goal (Options include Ironman/full distance tri, half-Iron distance tri, marathon, half-marathon or ultra-marathon)
  • Participate, individually or part of a relay team, in one or more of Will's 60 @ 60 events
  • Special offers for group training camps and workouts (participate in-person or virtually)
  • Group coaching calls and support
  • Will's exclusive mental conditioning and training

To be part of the team, you get discounted coaching/training, starting at just $120/month. Want to learn more? Contact us in the form below

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Get Fitter, Flatter & Faster

Want to get in the best shape of your life? This is a 60-day off-season training program is designed to get you through the winter and ready to hit the spring primed and ready! The program starts January 15, 2018.

Besides the feel-good tingle that will most assuredly rush through your body as you get "lean and mean," your participation supports the Live Your Bold Movement. In other words, you work out and get in great shape, and you're helping us reach more people with the Live Your Bold Movement.

  • A FREE 21-Day Live Your Bold Jump Starter Package (Valued at $19)
  • 10% discount on any Live Your Bold merchandise (available soon)
  • An automatic entry to our monthly drawing of a three-month Live Your Bold      Coaching Package

Of course, you get our undying appreciation as well! Check out the links below to get more information or to sign up! 

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Interested in crewing or volunteering at one of my OYO (On Your Own) Events or helping out at a Boldness Bootcamp? There lots of ways you can support Will and the Live Your Bold movement.

Contact us so we can explore ways you can help.

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